Customer Success & Loyalty Dimensions

Unstructured Data Analytics for Customer Service.


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Get your FREE Customer Survey Analysis Report

Submit your unstructured customer comments for a free analysis, report, and interactive dashboard.


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Text Mining for Knowledge

Leverage CSLD to optimize your knowledge content creation process.


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Get the CSLD Edge

Optimize for Efficiency with a Customer Request Redundancy Assessment.

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Unlock the Data that Leads to Customer Success

Innovative sentiment and clustering analysis to transform unstructured customer data into business intelligence and insight.

Customer Feedback

Providing you with a deeper perspective on the voice of your customer, we can help you efficiently analyze your client feedback from your website, surveys and social media.

Knowledge Creation

Delivering the most meaningful knowledge content to your customers requires a disciplined approach.  We can help you prioritize your knowledge content creation based on demand.

Customer Requests

Our data analytic model intelligently reviews, classifies, and groups each of your client requests to enable you with data so you can serve your customers more effectively.


The CSLD Engine

Customer analysis based on structured data alone will only provide you with a limited view of how your customers use your products and how they feel about your company.  CSLD’s robust data analytic engine will give you deep insight into your unstructured data sources.  This insight will help you better understand what your customers are saying about your product and what your customers are doing with your product.  

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