Unstructured Data Analytic Training

for Customer Service Professionals


CSLD Advanced Data Workshop


The Advanced Data Workshop is a five-day course designed for up to three participants from a single company and takes place on-site, at your company’s location.  This workshop covers all material from the CSLD Data Bootcamp course. The workshop also includes advanced unstructured text data mining principles not covered the CSLD Data Bootcamp including advanced text mining programming in R, Python, and Knime.

In the second part of the workshop, we work with your team to build and customize unstructured data mining models specific to your company, industry, and customers.  At the end of the workshop, your team will have the tools to maintain and update the models and workflow as needed to meet your business needs.  The models created during the workshop will also enable you to generate ongoing unstructured data analysis on your customer service data and will help you perform ad hoc reporting on your unstructured customer service data when needed as well.

Training Value and Benefits

At the end of the workshop, participants will be able to build and maintain data models to enable efficient analysis of your unstructured customer service data.  With this knowledge your company will achieve the following benefits:

  • A deeper understanding of your Customer’s perspective: able to more easily analyze unstructured customer feedback from customer surveys, website forms and social media.
  • Exposure to redundant work to be removed to create capacity: able to analyze unstructured customer requests from your case/incident management system and community forums to identify duplicate customer requests.
  • Insight on how to improve self-service capabilities: able to analyze knowledge content based on customer demand to prioritize knowledge article creation.
  • A framework for additional unstructured text mining to meet business needs: including employee training gap analysis, log file analysis, customer adoption, loyalty and churn indicators, etc.

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Cost: $5,200 total for up to three individuals