– Improving product quality and increasing self-service effectiveness are two undisputable ways a company can increase customer satisfaction. –  

However, many companies don’t realize that the keys to advancing in both these areas are all contained in their unstructured data inside their customer case (or incident) management system. The customer case management system holds every product issue that a client has reported to your company. When more customers are reporting the same issue, they are crying for your company to fix that issue. Additionally, when more than one customer contacts your company on the same issue, there is an opportunity to provide the solution or answer through a self-service channel.

Many times the data in the customer case management system is ignored or even pushed away when companies decide to offshore or outsource the customer support function. When companies do not leverage the unstructured data in the customer case management system, they miss out on opportunities to improve product quality, decrease costs through self-service and increase customer satisfaction.

While the concept is simple, there are several challenges that companies face when trying to leverage this unstructured data to make improvements:

  • Often, critical unstructured data inside the case management system is not clean and not easy to decipher.
  • The unstructured data can also be misleading if your company has not implemented a strict case documentation discipline.
  • Companies often find It difficult to leverage the unstructured data to quantify the impact the data can have on product quality and enhancing self-service capabilities.
  • The customer service team does not have quantifiable data to hold other departments accountable for improving the product.

CSLD Solutions Can Help!

CSLD has developed process and tools to help you leverage the unstructured data in your customer case management system to drastically improve product quality and significantly increase your self-service capabilities. This solution starts by analyzing how your customer service team documents customer reported issues. We then tune your documentation process by implementing industry best practice standards for documenting cases. Once these standards are in place we leverage the CSLD Data Analytics for Customer Requests Engine to take your case management data and apply our proprietary data mining algorithms to produce the following deliverables:

  1. Self Service Action Dashboard: First we leverage the data to build Self-Service Action Dashboards. These dashboards provide specific knowledge content to be created based on customer demand so that you can prioritize creating specific knowledge content to deflect future customer reported issues through self-service and automation (reference CSLD Knowledge Content and Self-Service Success service engagement).
  2. Product Quality Improvement Dashboard: We also leverage the data to develop Product Quality Improvement Dashboards that can provide your product management and development team with specific items to be addressed in the product to improve product quality. The dashboards can help you monetize each product issue to better understand the cost associated if the product issues are not resolved.

Once these dashboards are in place, you can begin to prioritize the work that will help improve product quality and increase your self-service effectiveness. Over time you will be able to continue to identify cost savings associated with fixing product issues and increasing self-service content. When leveraged effectively and acted on, these dashboards are guaranteed to help you decrease cost and improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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