Your company works with a lot of data. Some of the data is clean and easy to leverage for reporting. Other data is messy and complicated to understand.

Imagine if you could take all your company data and turn it into water. The data would become fluid. If you could then freeze this information and throw it into the ocean, you would have an iceberg. Right?

iba1If this iceberg represents all the data in your company, the portion of the iceberg that ends up above the surface would be that data that is easy to report on, understand, and interpret. Most companies use the data that is on the surface for 80-90% of their informatics reporting. This information is easy to comprehend because it usually resides in an organized repository and is often referred to as “structured data.”

While this structured data is a critical piece of the information required to run your business, there is other data in your company that is also equally important but usually underutilized. This information is the data that is difficult to report on, understand and interpret. This information is the data that resides under the surface, below the water line. We refer to this data as “unstructured data”, and it can represent over 90% of the information in your company.

If you consider all the unstructured data in your organization, some of the most critical yet undiscovered information is the unstructured data about your customers. This data can be in several locations including:

  • Customer comments from surveys
  • Customer feedback on social media
  • Issues (incidents/cases) reported to Customer Support
  • Customer Service requests
  • Customer community threads
  • Knowledgebase content

At CSLD Solutions, we believe that iba2atoo often, companies overlook unstructured data when making critical business decisions.  We also believe that companies store their most impactful unstructured information in the customer-facing support and service productivity tools; especially the customer case management system.  At CSLD we are relentless to determine the best way to leverage this unstructured data to help you improve your customer experience while reducing your service and support costs.

We help clients leverage unstructured customer satisfaction, case management, knowledge content and employee data to ensure they can execute on specific deliverables that will improve customer satisfaction and loyalty while driving down operational cost.

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