Serving Clients More Efficiently

If you want to serve your customers better, you need to understand why your clients are contacting you for help.  Your company receives several customer requests, in the form of unstructured data.  These requests may be from customer support service inquiries, questions submitted to your helpdesk and queries submitted on your website and knowledgebase.  While these requests are captured electronically, many companies are not analyzing this unstructured data to find out how to better serve their customers.

Categorizing Requests to Initiate Action

The CSLD Customer Request Data Analytic Engine will efficiently categorize and cluster each customer request providing you with insight so you can prioritize and fulfill the most urgent and common inquiries.  Once you better understand these requests, you can also take action to improve your product, enhance your self-service capabilities and efficiently fulfill your customer requests through automation.


Interactive Dashboards


Automatically classifying and grouping each customer request into logical topic clusters.