Most of us would agree that product usage data is a key element to better understand customer adoption, retention, upsell and churn metrics. But what if you don’t have easy access to product usage data to analyze? If all your products are cloud-based, then you may not suffer from this dilemma. But if you are working with legacy or non-cloud-based products or if you just don’t have access to in-product usage metrics, then you might
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  Like many people, I tend to simplify life, especially when I am in the “thick of things.” Maybe it is because I have often been told that when you're lost and “can’t see the forest for the trees,” try to rise above the trees to the 30,000-foot level, where you can find a view of the forest and a better understand your path. Recently when faced with the challenge to drive efficiency in a
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- Unstructured Data Analytics - An Introduction to Stemming and Lemmatization Techniques - Stemming and Lemmatization functions are an important part of text mining.  These functions review text and remove inflection endings of a word and sometimes derivationally related forms of a word to return the base or dictionary form of the word.   For example, when applying a stemming or lemmatization technique, the words, discover, discovering, and discovered may be modified by one of these
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OK, so yes, it is a good idea to practice moderation and not eat too many cookies, but the sandwich cookie I am talking about is a management tool I discovered early in my career called “Oreo Feedback.” In college, while working as a restaurant training manager, I attended a corporate management seminar where I was introduced to this technique to give employees feedback. The technique compared employee feedback to an Oreo® cookie where, when
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  Creating Individual Employee Contribution Summary Reports to Increase Productivity and Employee Engagement   - We have all read the research and survey results.  Whether published by an accredited institution or as part of your company’s internal employee satisfaction survey process, “compensation” is not one of the top factors leading to higher employee engagement.  Instead, when it comes to increasing employee morale, communicating clear expectations of the job and recognizing employees for good work are
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