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If you are a customer service professional, you have probably heard the saying, "the BEST customer service is NO customer service."   When your product just works,  there should be no need for customers to contact your customer service organization.  Generally speaking, customers really don't even want to contact you for help.  But as we all know, customer service is a critical part of the customer relationship process.  Customer service is also necessary to ensure
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stop words
At CSLD we strive to create blog content on how to provide superior customer service.  We also create blogs to provide more technical information on data analytics and unstructured text data. This week's blog is more technical with a focus on the effective use of stop words to optimize unstructured text data analytics. Effectively Using Stop Words The effective use of stop words is an essential concept to understand before working with unstructured text data.
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  Like many people, I tend to simplify life, especially when I am in the “thick of things.” Maybe it is because I have often been told that when you're lost and “can’t see the forest for the trees,” try to rise above the trees to the 30,000-foot level, where you can find a view of the forest and a better understand your path. Recently when faced with the challenge to drive efficiency in a
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OK, so yes, it is a good idea to practice moderation and not eat too many cookies, but the sandwich cookie I am talking about is a management tool I discovered early in my career called “Oreo Feedback.” In college, while working as a restaurant training manager, I attended a corporate management seminar where I was introduced to this technique to give employees feedback. The technique compared employee feedback to an Oreo® cookie where, when
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What makes a great customer service employee? Over the past 20 years, I have spent countless hours reading resumes, interviewing candidates, and selecting, then hiring customer service professionals. Along the way, I have made some excellent hiring decisions, and as a result, I have had the privilege to work with some exceptional individuals. But there have also been times when my hiring decisions were not so great. Now it is not necessarily that these individuals
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