enable electronic knowledge management
September 19, 2017

Enabling Your Virtual Assistant

Electronic knowledge management for customer service has been a hot topic for the past two and a half decades.  Ideally, your customers can find the information they need to address their issue through self-service.  However, companies still fall short when it comes to implementing technology that will help customers find useful information online. So what happened over two decades ago that caused a shift in how companies publish information about their products and services?  The answer is
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5 Tips for Creating and Sustaining an Effective Customer Service Soft Skills Training Program -  The term “bedside manner” most often refers to the way a healthcare professional interacts and communicates with a patient. There is a good chance that you have experienced either very good or very poor bedside manner from a healthcare professional when visiting a hospital or doctor’s office. Bedside manner also refers to the small things done by the healthcare professional
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Your company works with a lot of data. Some of the data is clean and easy to leverage for reporting. Other data is messy and complicated to understand. Imagine if you could take all your company data and turn it into water. The data would become fluid. If you could then freeze this information and throw it into the ocean, you would have an iceberg. Right? If this iceberg represents all the data in your
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Satisfaction Surveys
There's something incredibly frustrating when you take an online customer satisfaction survey that ends up taking longer than expected to complete.   It's obvious that the company that asked you to take the survey wants your feedback.  But how many times have you been asked for your feedback in a survey and half way through taking the survey you realize that it is taking to long to finish?  What do you do? If you are like
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Improve the Customer Experience
If you are a customer service professional, you have probably heard the saying, "the BEST customer service is NO customer service."   When your product just works,  there should be no need for customers to contact your customer service organization.  Generally speaking, customers really don't even want to contact you for help.  But as we all know, customer service is a critical part of the customer relationship process.  Customer service is also necessary to ensure
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