Customer Success and Loyalty Dimensions (CSLD)

Unstructured Data Analytics for Customer Service

About CSLD 

Helping our clients grow revenue, reduce operational cost, and achieve higher customer service standards by identifying the drivers that will have the most significant impact on increasing customer success and loyalty. Applying a system agnostic, data-centric approach, we evaluate your critical customer service data and processes then we optimize for efficiency.

Data is the center of what we do. We help clients leverage unstructured customer satisfaction, case management, knowledge content and employee data to ensure they can execute on specific deliverables that will improve customer satisfaction while driving down operational cost.

Unlocking the Data

that Leads to Customer Success.

Data Centric

We believe that too often, companies overlook unstructured data when making critical business decisions.  We also believe that companies store their most impactful unstructured information in the customer-facing support and service productivity tools; especially the customer case management system.  At CSLD we are relentless to determine the best way to leverage this unstructured data to improve the customer experience while reducing your service and support costs.

System Agnostic

Regardless of the case management, call management or CRM system you use, we can help.  If asked, our consultants may provide input on a new system; however, our focus is on leveraging the systems you already own and use to pull the critical data necessary to produce each of our deliverables.  We also recommend and help you implement any new process and procedures to ensure you are leveraging your systems to their full potential.